Carnevale Veneziano

A modern interpretation of the classic Venetian terrazzo in a collection designed for larger environments, where creative freedom and geometric precision come together, while the irregular texture creates a sense of movement.


Carnevale Veneziano Collection: venetian flooring

The suggestions and colours of Venetian flooring find a contemporary reworking in Carnevale Veneziano. The depth of the colours of the Venetian floor catches the eye, with a style made of regular lines and geometric shapes, which expertly revive the tradition. The basic colours – white, white plus, beige, beige plus, red and black – can be combined with the Carnevale Veneziano decorations to bring to life modern laying patterns. For an even more elegant style, it is possible to choose, in order to complete the laying patterns of the Venetian flooring, the lozenges and wood planks: the magic of simplicity which celebrates a powerful but sober tradition, where classic forms are sprinkled with thousands of pieces of confetti.