800 Italiano

There are shapes, decorations and suggestions which travel through time, to reach eternity. Like this classic bathroom unit, in hyperdecoration style which creates a unique space reminiscent of Italy in the 1800s.



800 italiano: a classic bathroom unit for a unique bathroom

The Classic bathroom unit, the storage unit, the mirror and wall sconce have come about from the need to create a harmonious space with the tiles of the same 800 italiano collection (LINK). Walls and furniture create a perfect interaction, so much so that the tiles appear to bring forth the other furnishing elements like a casket rich with unique and precious details. Containing, composing and decorating are, all together, the objectives of 800 Italiano: a collection which brings together style, functionality and coordination. Capable of adapting to any configuration, this bathroom unit is expressed with colours and materials which may be different from each other, always bringing with it the ability to make any space classic and unique.

The inspiration comes from the wainscoting, with relief effects of the finest workmanship: a timeless classic skilfully interpreted to create an unmistakable space which unites the bi-dimensionality of the wall tiles and the volume of the furnishings.