Opera Prima

Dentity is what distinguishes us and makes us stand out from the ordinary. It is enough simply to have a shape, in this case an octagon, to transmit the idea of a timeless elegance which makes your bathroom unique and recognisable.


Opera prima: exclusive ceramic basin

The washstand, the mirror and the wall light which comprise the Opera Prima set are characterised by the choice of this novel shape, created thanks to the collaboration with artisans of the greatest professionalism and experience. The octagon is in the shape of the unit surface, the mirror frame and the precious details. The lightness of this line creates incisive aesthetics, classic but at the same time contemporary, perfect for supporting the ceramic basin and make the spaces unique and unmistakable.

Opera Prima, one of the first collections of the Original Italian Interiors series, represents the perfect fusion of tradition, also expressed through the technical complexity required to create each of the furnishing components, and the future which can be seen in the brass, forged in different tubular and flat shapes.