Michelangelo is a charming combination of classic feel and material, of elegance and luxury. The bathroom is transformed into the central nucleus of the house, and the bathrooms suites into real sculptures. The quintessence of exclusivity.


Michelangelo: the marble bathrooms with that classic charm

Not all Marble bathrooms look the same: those enriched with washstand and bathroom suites in the Black Moon marble of the Michelangelo line can be recognised immediately for the balance between material fullness and elegance of shape. Every piece is the fruit of in-depth research to be able to create a marble bathroom washbasin and all of the bathroom suite thanks to the use of unique and innovative techniques. Velvety to the touch, every element of the Michelangelo line stands out for its intensity of colour and the rarity of the marble veins: it’s impossible not to notice that classic character, but also that innovative Petracer’s touch.

The furnishings are completed with a real gem: the Diamante mirror. This is created entirely from mirrors also in the frame, a feature making it genial and unique. As in all the Michelangelo line, the theme of irregular octagons returns, that extra element which gives you an inimitable bathroom sculpture.