Invisible outside, surprising inside: Fantasma plays with the paradox of the mirror which denies itself, by revealing itself. So every space is unique and can be personalised to reflect the personality of those who experience it.



Fantasma: the design washbasin which disappears and reflects

This chameleon-like collection adapts to both the most classic and modern environments, creating interaction and reflection in any space in virtue of the numerous facets that the octagonal shape, in this case created using mirror tiles, guarantees. The bathroom unit with design washbasin and the storage unit respond to the needs of aesthetics and functionality. The exterior, completely covered in mirrors, is transformed into a tribute to the environment in which it is placed. The interior in Elm root veneer is breathtaking and, following the logic of modular functionality, presents exclusive spaces with the inclusion of a refrigerator for preserving all those delicate products, such as certain types of cosmetics, which need that extra care. Marble is chosen as the perfect material for the design washbasin not only for its elegance, but also for it ability to make any mark invisible.