Primo Attore

Elegance is lightness and can transform even the most solid furnishings into a unique element that si solleva da terra. Wall-mounted, the furnishings of the Primo Attore line create an atmosphere of luxurious and modern space, perfect for those who love clean, exclusive lines.


Primo Attore: wall-mounted bathroom washbasin

The collection – which includes the wall-mounted bathroom washbasin, but also a single and double chest of drawers, a mirror with wooden frame and a lampada da bagno applique – is characterised by the sintesi of the clean lines which draw octagonal shapes and a set of furnishings that really catches the eye. Primo Attore is the protagonist of the bathroom space, but with a certain lightness and elegance, thanks also to the technique used to coat the surfaces in Elm root or ebony with shiny or matte lacquering.