Ad Personam

History and contemporaneity come together in a neo-classic style available to personalise in your own highly individual way: a collection designed to offer maximum personalisation, with a range of 180 colours and the possibility to insert your own initials.


Ad Personam Collection: elegant bathroom décor

Ad Personam is the definitive synthesis of elegance perfectly made-to-measure to suit your desires. The history of ceramics is renovated, thanks to the technological element which allows lightness, resistance and greatly reduced thicknesses on the larger formats: Ad Personam can also be laid on existing tiled surfaces and it is easy to handle. A harmonious triumph from which there emerges a strong artistic personality. This elegant décor turns your bathroom into a precious jewel, unique and inimitable, thanks to a range of colours never seen before.

Made up of three lines with refined decorative motifs – Arabesque, Petit Chateau, Petites Paones -, Ad Personam is the elegant bathroom decor of unmistakable character, that can: a special piece, in fact allows you to include your own personal initials in gold or platinum.