Imagine a tap a pleasure for the eyes and to the touch, precious as a bottle of perfume, unique as only Petracer’s design knows how to be: this is Divino, a collection which gives your bathroom that touch of classy elegance.



Divino: luxury taps which make the difference

Divino is the first line of luxury taps designed by Petracer’s interpreting the paradigm of the octagon in a variety of options suitable for every type of bathroom furnishing. Every feature is unique and studied in every single detail, from the form of the lever to the rotation of the tap: the sensation is that of holding the top of a luxurious bottle of perfume. To create the Divino line we have also chosen to use bronze in the internal technical components, a material exceptional for its flexibility and resistance to corrosion, as demonstrated by the Roman aqueducts which still function today. Thus it is precious both in terms of style and also for the value of the materials and the excellent craftsmanship of the manufacturing.