In rhythmic cadence with warm, silky and enveloping colours of 800 Italiano, Intreccio is created. A combination of classical boiserie and the hexagon, which converge thanks to a common denominator : the geometric purity of harmonious forms, brought together uninterruptedly. In flooring, in something initially conceived as a decoration, an important decorative element like boiserie finds its ideal stylistic counterpoint, perfect for balancing its rich personality.

The Triangle, the mot basic among geometric forms, has always inspired the world of architecture for its infinite configurations and the endless game of combinations and designs. In addition to the basic palette, there are three finishes available for artistic creativity: Vibrazioni, Impressioni, Lui Lei L’arte.

Grand Elegance Rubino. Again, a collection which is the result of the blend fashion, art and design by Petracer’s. Strong and distinguishing colors harmonise the déco style decorations to fulfill our love for beauty and respond to our spirit always a bit nostalgic. Luxury, energy and personality: only for free and brave spirits.

The Faucet: design, passion and technological innovation.