Ad Maiora

Ceramic surfaces decorated with incision markings, which it is possible to feel on the surface: the diamond shaped pattern of the Ad Maiora collection is the strong and distinctive sign which adds character to environments with an unmistakable touch of uniqueness.


Ad Maiora Collection: luxury tiles

Impeccable environments, meticulous and almost austere. A style consisting of clean lines which depict diamond shapes, in geometric combinations which join together with precious metals: the luxury tiles of the Ad Maiora collection dress your bathroom with a touch of exclusivity to extend throughout the whole project. The friezes in gold and platinum can be further enriched with precious materials such as Swarovski crystals, amid the sober tones of beige, dark brown, pearl and black.
Easy to handle, cut and clean, Ad Maiora is also perfectly suited to being laid over existing floor or wall tiles, thanks to a thickness of just 3,5 mm.