Grand Elegance

Inspired by classic culture, Grand Elegance expresses the uniqueness of the individual, a style that reflects a strong personality, of assured and never banal choices. It is no coincidence that, despite being the very first collection produced by the company, it is still today the longest running one.


Grand Elegance Collection: Classic bathroom tile

What is luxury? It is the pleasure of living, day after day, a made-to-measure environment, with a design based on your personal needs. It is a timeless elegance, an inimitable style, it is a love for the perfection of details. It is a wall which says something about us, of what we like, of our lifestyle. It is the perfection of a bathroom tailored specifically to our taste like a bespoke suit, perfect, impeccable, always en vogue aesthetically. Classic bathroom tile, in which the marriage of a refined style, which evokes the great English mansions, and the surprising versatility, which allows unique personal scenarios to be brought to life, in which the presence of nature is expressed in the decorations inspired by English wallpaper. At times, environments become the real protagonists of stories made up of objects and memories, assuming a different air and taste depending on the decorations of the ceramics, which recount stories of the world of navigation, animals and the perfumes of the countryside, passionately well-kept gardens and flowers.