Dress your environments with elegance and personality. Porcelain stoneware like fine fabrics, embellished with gold and platinum, an expression of decisive taste and a profound connection with your own house.



Sartoria Collection: fabric look tiles

Very slim and yet highly resistant. Porcelain stoneware decorated with refined effects, made of geometric patterns on white, blue and wine red backgrounds, with precious metals – gold and platinum – and delicate floral patterns of modular Ginko panels, where hints of white, grey and light touches of yellow are combined.

The fabric look tiles from the Sartoria collection allow you to design your wall facing in total freedom, indulging your own fancy with a versatile product, to create combinations to enhance a single wall or a whole room. Exactly like an haute couture dress, the Sartoria collection is unmistakable and has a timeless shape, which transcends all transient trends and transforms into a style icon.