An organisational element of many works of art and a source of inspiration for architecture all over the world, Petracer’s makes the triangle become the icon of an agile and flexible style, which indulges that desire to be distinctive thanks to the possibility of different combinations.



Triangle Collection: Triangle tiles

Splendour is expressed through simple, elementary lines, like the triangle shape. Elegance is represented here in the form of full, palpable and modern colours enhanced by the beauty of the ceramics. The triangle tiles in the product-laying phase, thanks to the combination of metallic and gold colours: personalising an environment becomes a challenge for the imagination. The great versatility of the Triangle Collection is an inspiration for interior designers and has an effect on its possible uses: from the bathroom to the living-room, to the kitchen. The domestic context, though, is not the limit of its possibilities: Triangle is that special touch that can also transform a café, a restaurant or a trendy bar.

In order to find the most suitable solution for your environment and try out new made-to-measure combinations for every need, Petracer’s offers a complete planning and design service.