Primavera Romana

Bright-coloured brush strokes, vibrant, as in a fresco, celebrate the hyperdecoration of Primavera Romana, a collection where timeless elegance triumphs, perfect for those large spaces.




Primavera Romana Collection, floral bathroom tiles

A charmingly evocative experience, like the flowering of a lush garden in which to immerse yourself and allow the senses to rejoice. A blaze of vivaciousness and beauty, where the elegance of ancient mansions meets the modernity of avant-garde materials.
The floral bathroom tiles with painted flowers in relief is based on a palette comprising white, red, green and purple: all four colours are present in various combinations, which bring together a base colour and floral decorations enhanced by the purity of the golds and glazes in relief, creating a harmony of details which transmits a sense of magnificence.