Trama d’autore

Trama d’autore is a collection which is a pleasure for the eyes and immediately becomes material and tactile, with its vibrant designs and the way it plays with chiaroscuro effect. The metallic reflections on the surface contrast with, and at the same time, complete the chromatic depth of the background.


Trama d’autore Collection: metallic floor tile

Expressing the living space with elegance, thanks to bright interweaving, to interpret the linear metropolitan style in a new way in a decorative setting. Fundamentally, this is how the most beautiful stories start: when human events become intertwined with the places in which they happen. The metallic floor tile with texture in steel creates strong and original visual effects: the result is an enveloping continuous mesh, which makes this collection ideal for giving environments that personal and unique touch.
Trama d’autore guarantees the utmost expressive freedom in interior design projects through the choice of laying pattern and is available in three variations: steel on white, delicate and welcoming; steel on black, decisive and intense; steel on grey, refined and elegant.